If you like through a magic crystal ball you want to learn about the past, present and future of Italian Haute Couture in Rome there is a place, full of memories, fervent of initiatives and projects and projected into a future full of charm and refinement. We're talking about AB Haute Couture, an amazing high fashion and bridal high fashion founded by Annamaria Buoncristiani.

By Piemontese origin and cultural background, this sophisticated blonde lady   isn't only a fashion designer but also a teacher at the very famous Accademia di Costume e Moda in Rome, city where she moved for love after did very important stage during the golden age of the parisian fashion houses Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior and Guy Laroche. Listening to her is like being take by the hand through the brightest years of italian high fashion with emotional tales about big names like Fausto Sarli, Lancetti, Elvira Gramano, Renato Balestra and Gattinoni where she worked as a model maker participating in the birth of authentic timeless masterpieces. Gattinoni collaboration continues right now and judging from the last collection she and Guillermo Mariotto must really be considered a treat.

Empire style, A dresses, gowns with iconic transparencies and ton sur ton decorations with swan motif until full skirts with bustiers that are a wonderful burst of light thanks to amazing embroideries realized with swarovski crystals.

For the evening you can find red carpet gowns, available in white, ivory, champagne, pink powder and all the natural tones that enhance the natural beauty of a woman. Sumptous trails, artisanal buster made in chiacchierino lace and dreamy decorations make unique and extraordinary every dress. AB Haute Couture goes from long to short dresses with great nonchalance because the common thread is always the elegance, a fine balance between sensuality and severity. The lace is French, the organza is embroidered by hand getting an impalpable lightness effect that appealing at first sight..

Absolutely remarkable is the frack, realized in satin matelassè, to wear over a lace jumpsuit. Perfect for an unconventional bride that want to be always at the centre of the attention. Anyway it's impossible not to feeling the most beautiful wearing a creation signed by AB Haute Couture.

Fashion designer, which had her debut very young, at only 22 years old, at the  Circolo della Stampa in Turin, has a great experience and an amazing taste.

If you want to buy a real Italian Haute Couture dress at a reasonable price, without having to bend to terrible purchases by internet even from the East, AB Haute Couture opens the doors of its enchanting atelier at who really loves the great Made in Italy. In addition to bespoke service, remember that the clothes-sample that found exposed in the atelier, with range from size 38 to 42, are on sale in a super promotional price.

An additional incentive to dress up real Italian high fashion without worrying about the price. However, we must seize this opportunity.

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